Why Install Residential Solar Panels In Los Angeles

As energy costs and the widespread impact of fossil fuels on the planet continue to rise, many people are looking for alternative energy sources.

One of the best proven and cleanest energy sources today is solar energy. Residential solar panels are becoming increasingly popular allowing homeowners to save the planet while reducing their monthly energy bills.

The climate for installing solar panels in California is perfect. Los Angeles has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, so solar panels are very efficient.

In addition, there are currently tax credits and incentives offered by major energy companies that will significantly reduce the actual cost of installing solar panels.

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Residential solar cells that Los Angeles residents use are known as photovoltaic cells. These panels use silicon inside to capture the energy of sunlight. Sunlight consists of very small photons.

The crystalline silicon in the panel separates the electrons in the photons to create a direct current. This direct current is fed to the inverter, which converts it into alternating current or alternating current.

AC power supplies your home and then the excess electricity is passed through the meter to power other households in your neighborhood. . This will reset the meter and reduce your electricity bill.

When there is no sunlight, for example during the rainy season, your house is traditionally electrified by the power company so there are no blackouts.