White Wine Spritzers: How To Make A Great Date Drink For Summer

A white wine spritzer is the perfect drink for a summer night. Whether you're celebrating a happy occasion or just enjoying some delicious summer weather, these icy drinks are the perfect way to cool off. 

1. Use fresh, local produce when possible. When you can, aim to use ingredients that are in season and locally grown. This will add flavor and nutrients to your drink, making it taste even better. You can also find the best white wine spritzer via https://drinktinto.com/products/red-wine-spritz

2. Brew a strong white wine. If you're using a less expensive white wine, try to make sure it's of a strong caliber so it stands up to the ice and sparkling water. You don't want your drink to taste watered down or weak. 

3. Use sparkling water instead of still water if possible. Not only does this increase the refreshment factor of your drink, but also it adds a little

A white wine spritzer is a sparkling summer drink for every occasion. Inexpensive and refreshing, these drinks are perfect for kicking back and enjoying the outdoors. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just having some fun, a white wine spritzer is the perfect way to celebrate! 

To make these simple cocktails, all you need is some white wine, sparkling water, and a few basic ingredients like lime juice and simple syrup. Simply mix everything together and enjoy.