Whisky cask For Storing and Maturing Whisky

The cask is the key to whisky maturation and storage. It provides whisky with a distinctive flavor. This is especially true for more expensive whisky, which is usually allowed to age to achieve good quality. 

Traditional whisky barrels were made from timber. Oak is a popular choice for whisky cask production. This allows the whisky to have Oak overtones. Solid wood barrels allow for some evaporation during the aging process.

Whisky cask

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Hardwood barrels have been used for whisky storage and maturation for many years. Because whisky casks made from this wood have a higher level of oak characteristics such as vanilla, butter, and spices than timber with looser grains, it is still desirable. There are many shapes available for whisky casks. 

Whisky is usually fermented at a controlled temperature in stainless-steel tanks before being placed in a cask for aging. Although many whiskeys are aged in different casks for different purposes. Some whisky dealers use used casks to speed up the process of aging in casks. 

Others will use oak shavings in a large sack-like a teabag to place in a steel tank. This allows the cask to be used as a whisky barrel. New barrels can impart a greater taste to the whisky they contain.  You can even search online for more information about whisky casks.