What You Need to Learn About Security Bollards?

Security Bollard is a vertical post that can be made of iron, cement, steel, wood, or plastic. At first, they were made to help in large ship ponds when they came to the pier. Now, they still offer this function but also have other features.

You can easily find Bollard installed on the streets, scenery, buildings, sculptures, and other areas that require security. They can even be found outside restaurants, supermarkets, offices, hotels, stadiums, and shopping centers. Have easy garden design with bollard to provide ambient environmental lighting and garden area illumination.

Even though there are bollards that can be removed or drawn, the permanent is more popular. You can even decorate this bollard to fit your taste and design area where they are installed.

Bollard that can be removed is usually made of plastic, and this is why they are often mild. But to ensure that no one can say that your bollard is made of plastic, they can be painted and coated with bright colors.


The main goal of installing Bollard is providing security and security. They can be used to monitor pedestrians, visitors, and those who drive their cars to enter facilities. The only view from Bollard around the facility is intended to warn everyone not to go beyond the line. 

This is especially when Bollard is connected to each other with a chain. In addition to parrying unwanted visitors, The Bollard can also function as a parking post. They can block vehicles that might hit the building directly whether accidentally or not.

However, it is important that the Security Bollard that you will use will have a high-impact resistance rank so that they can effectively stop the vehicle from crashing. Instead of being damaged, posts can still function. If the flexibility is used, there will be no damage to the vehicle and passengers.