What To Use For A Long Lasting Garage Floor Coating?

You understand how unsafe your garage can be if you have ever slipped when stepping out from your car on a wet day. This particularly happens if you have some oil stains or drops on the floor and then you come in with rainwater and slips. To avoid such situations you can get anti skid coating via https://pavementsurfacecoatings.com/high-friction-surface-treatment/

Keeping Flooring New And Long Lasting With The Epoxy Floor Coating Thomaspainefriends

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The mixture of oil and water is a formula for calamity as the old adage "oil and water do not mix" affirms. Using a garage floor coating is the perfect way to guard yourself against a possible injury from a slip-fall accident. Although there are various alternatives you can select, an epoxy-based product is the one that will provide the longest-lasting solution. 

Epoxy is a tough material that is just like fiberglass which is a material you probably recognize for being very tough. Resin and hardener are combined together and then brushed or sprinkled over a woven glass mesh. The mesh offers parallel reinforcement but the mixture of resin and hardener is what provides strength.

For a garage floor, the concrete itself works as the reinforcement structure and the solution of epoxy is then used as a tough covering. Both the hardener and the resin are available in liquid form, but once you combine the two together they start a chemical reaction producing heat which converts them into a solid. 

This solid readily bonds with the concrete surface offering an outcome that is very long-lasting. It is vital to use an anti-skid agent which can be either a sand-like coarse material or flakes of paint to provide good footing if the floor gets wet. The paint flake additive is growing very popular as a way to make your floor appear even better looking than just with the single color of the epoxy.