What Is Necrotizing Enterocolitis (Nec)?

Necrotizing Enterocolitis, also known as NEC is a dangerous medical condition that mostly is a problem for premature infants and sick newborns. NEC is defined by the rapid degeneration of the intestines, primarily due to an injury or inflammation of the intestinal tissue, which results in necrosis or death of tissue.

In extreme instances, NEC can result in an opening or perforation of the wall of the intestine. If you think your child was injured, including necrotizing enterocolitis following the consumption of cow's milk-based formula, you can consult the attorneys through https://necformulalawsuit.com/nec-formula-lawyers.aspx for infant formula promptly to ensure your legal right to recover.

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NEC is a serious cause of injuries including permanent blindness, the loss or removal of the large and small intestinal tracts and cerebral palsy (brain injury), and even death.

If your baby is suffering from symptoms of NEC the confirmation of the diagnosis is possible by an abdominal X-ray to look for signs of abnormal gas patterns which can appear visually as a streaky or bubbly appearance of gas within the walls of the intestine.

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