What Is A School Portrait Photography Session?

School portrait photography is a type of photography that typically includes formal portraits of students at school or college. Most schools require two portraits, one during their first year and one during the fifth year. The photographs are usually taken by the school photographer and then displayed in classrooms, commons areas, and other social areas on campus. 

In some upper-level schools, individual schools have their own photographers who take pictures after hours for those students who would like to order them privately.

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Benefits of School Portrait Photography

School portraits can be a great way to capture memories for a lifetime. They can also serve as a physical representation of your child's academic and athletic success.

But what are the benefits of school portrait photography? Here are five reasons why you should book a session with one of our professional photographers:

1. School portraits can document your child’s academic and athletic success.

2. School portraits can be used as a keepsake to remember your child.

3. School portraits can create physical representations of your child’s academic and athletic success.

4. School portraits can help build relationships between parents and children.

5. School portraits can create an everlasting memory of your child!