What Is A Fire?

A fire is a dangerous and destructive process that produces heat, smoke, and flame.

The some main causes of fires are: arson, electrical failures, stovetop fires, and fireplace fires.

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Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material with the expulsion of heat and light.

In general, fires can be classified as natural or accidental.

Natural fires are caused by natural elements such as lightning, arson, or spontaneous combustion. Accidental fires are caused by human activities such as smoking, sparks, or fireworks.

Fire restoration services are used to extinguish a fire and restore the area to its pre-fire condition.

The most common types of fire restoration services are Smoke Control, Fire Extinguishing, and Fire Cleanup.

A fire is an uncontrolled burning of material, most commonly organic matter. A fire may be started by a simple spark from a static electricity discharge, or by the accidental ignition of flammable materials.

A fire is an uncontrolled burning of material, especially in a structure. When the fire starts, the heat and smoke cause panic, confusion and fear. In order to put out the fire, emergency crews must be called in. Unless you are experienced with fighting and putting out fires, it is best to call a professional to help.

Firefighters use special equipment and techniques to put out fires. Special water hoses are attached to special nozzles on the firefighters' trucks called "fire engines." The water streams out at high pressure and quickly puts out the flames. Firefighters can also use special foam or powder to put out the flames.