What Do Support Workers In Hobart Do?

Personal support workers (PSWs) provide physical and psychological assistance to seniors and individuals with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, and people recovering from acute illnesses. They help their clients with their activities of daily routine under the supervision of doctors and by following service/care plans and established policies and procedures. 

A support worker in Hobart works in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, community agencies, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, school systems, residential facilities, private duty and home care.

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Although no education or skill is required to help people in need, it may help you become more effective and efficient. The responsibility of support workers is not limited to just assisting clients with their daily routine activities but also includes observing, documenting and reporting patients' behaviour, collecting samples for medical tests, and assisting with dietary planning.

Therefore, formal personal support worker education provides you with the knowledge and skills required to perform your job more effectively.

Personal Support Worker Program

A post-secondary personal support worker program typically runs for one year through two semesters. You build a strong foundation in anatomy, mental health, communication with patients, development stages and alterations in health, personal support communication and supporting clients in palliative care. This is a short but intensive program that covers all aspects of patient care and service.

Although a number of colleges in Hobart offer personal support worker courses, not all offer hands-on experience, which is mandatory to seek employment in the organised sector. Colleges provide you with a 15-week extensive practical experience by allowing you to work with teams in different settings, including hospitals, community and long-term institutions.