Vasectomy Cost-Effective Treatment In Austin

The best choice for permanent birth control is vasectomy. It's reliable, cost-effective, safe, and easy. Outpatients can have the procedure done in an office. Under local anesthesia, the procedure can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. 

The procedure is the same: cut, tie or cauterize the tubules (vas deferens). It is extremely effective and has low risks of side effects. Although the cost can vary between $350 and $1,000, most insurance companies will cover it. You can know more about vasectomy at a cost-effective price in Austin according to your needs.


Reversing a vasectomy can be done, but it is costly and usually requires a hospital procedure. Insurance is rarely covered. Re-establishing fertility is a 35-45% success rate. Vasectomy is a permanent, effective, and very successful option.

There are many options and the availability of different methods may vary depending upon where you live. The traditional method involves injecting local anesthesia into your scrotum and then using a scalpel or a knife to make small incisions and cut the two sperm tubes. 

Local anesthesia is still required for the "no-scalpel", a newer method. To retrieve the sperm tubes, a small hole is cut in the scrotum. After the cutting or cauterization, the sperm tubes are gently returned through the tiny hole. 

Because the holes are small, they usually heal quickly without needing stitches. Advocates say there is less swelling after surgery and more comfort. A pressure gun is used to inject anesthesia through the skin. This old device has been repurposed at some facilities. 

The results of any of these techniques are excellent and there is little risk of side effects. If you are unsure about your future plans, one option is to donate some sperm to a sperm bank. It is also a relief to be able to avoid the pressure and risks of having children. Vasectomy, which is performed on women's tubes, is much safer, more cost-effective, and easier than tubal ligation.