Two Things To Remember For A Smooth Office Relocation In Sydney

Relocating your office is even more stressful than a residential move, with business assets, office furniture, computer equipment, and important documentation that need to be protected and not lost in the move. 

So, how can you ease the strain on both yourself and your employees? We’ve covered the most important points that often get forgotten in the excitement and preparation for your new office.

Plan Your New Space Properly

Failure to plan from the outset will cause considerable headaches later on. First, assess your current environment – what works / what could definitely be improved? What can you do to make a healthier environment for the staff? Therefore, it would be the best idea to get help from professionals via for your office relocation. 

Different departments function differently so if you’re office relocation is to a building with more than one floor, don’t decide that all floors should follow the same plan. If there are fewer people in one department but there are more files, work around this accordingly.


Although you realize that furniture planning and design is more than just a desk and chair for each employee, it’s important to take inventory and see what you need and what you can get rid of. 

If you don’t have a huge budget for new premium brand furniture, consider liquidating some of the existing furniture or consider affordable options like refurbished or re-purposed furnishing. 

This way you can fit in with your new color scheme and updated fabrics without exceeding your budget. In addition to being healthier for company funds, it’s also environmentally friendly as it creates less waste.