Top Activities Your Kid’s Preschool Must Organize to Sharpen Their Maths Skills

Selecting a preschool for your little one is as important as selecting his/her higher studies. The curriculum followed in preschool plays a major role in the brain development of kids. Therefore, it is important to find out the curriculum a school follows before choosing a preschool for your little one.

The concept of a bilingual education system is gaining popularity in Singapore and parents are focusing more on the Chinese language. Therefore, the Chinese enrichment class for preschool is gaining popularity here.

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Various subjects are taught in preschool and Math is one among them. Math is one of them. It is interesting to those who understand the concepts and intimidating to those who don't. If you closely observe, you can see children using math skills throughout their daily activities.

Most children start understanding addition and subtraction even before school through their everyday interactions. Below are the top 5 activities your kid's Chinese preschool in Singapore must organize to sharpen their Math skills.

1. Number Sense

The concept of understanding numbers i.e. the ability to count forward accurately and later backward. Addition and subtraction are complex skills for a pre-schooler, yet they can count the number of objects in a box thereby learning addition. One can recognize the difference between more and less. When a kid has 4 chocolates and is asked to share 1 with the neighbor, the child will immediately recognize that he/she has fewer chocolates than they or previously did.

2. Spatial sense

The ability to recognize shapes, size, position, space, direction, and movement. One of the examples of spatial sense is puzzles. They not only learn shape names but also can compare them, sort them, classify them, and draw them. Children learn to group all triangles in a place where a triangle is drawn or place all yellow objects inside a circle where the yellow color is indicated.