Things You Should Be Aware of Regarding the Vehicle Registration Renewal

Every vehicle must be registered and renewed each year. If you travel in the roadway and park your car within the premises of the owner who has an expired registration, you are in violation of the rules under the Traffic Safety Act and can be punished with penalties.

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Florida drivers will be able to renew their vehicle registration at Publix stores - Miami Diario

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Some details to keep in mind regarding registration renewal:

1. You won't receive a reminder email

It is reported that the Alberta government has removed reminders for renewing registrations for cars. Car owners are responsible to schedule reminders to renew their licenses each year. 

2. You can renew your membership online

If you're renewing the registration for your vehicle, without making any modifications or if you don't have any fines outstanding on your file, you are able to make your registration online.

3. You must pay fines that are due prior to renewal before you can renew.

The fines for outstanding violations can be paid in person or via the internet. If you choose to make your payment on the internet, you'll need to wait for two days for the transaction to process prior to when you can finish the renewal of your registration for your car.

4. What do you require for an in-person renewal?

• Valid driving license

* Insurance certificate which is current

* The current registration for your vehicle

* Payment type (debit, credit, or cash)