The Real Facts About When Hinduism Began

There is no doubt the belief that Hinduism started in India, as evidenced by many historical documents and excavations. However, it is difficult to determine the year or time when Hinduism began. Hinduism is different from other religions in that there is no trace of the founder of this religion.

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In fact, most of his followers consider Hinduism not just a religion but a way of life. Before discussing in detail about who founded Hinduism and when it arose, you should first have a brief overview of what it actually means.

Hinduism is considered the oldest religion in the world. With endless followers, it is the third largest religion in the world. It is a balanced conglomerate of philosophical, cultural and religious practices and ideas from Indian culture.

The main characteristics of this religion are belief in rebirth, the law of cause and effect, many manifestations and the highest desire to get rid of the cycle of birth, rebirth and death, viz. Moksha.

Over the years this religion has developed rapidly, giving rise to different traditions and practices, but the basic foundations remain the same.

Hinduism is practiced today as a major religion, but in reality it is not defined as one and the same. It is a way of life or cultural practice that people follow and those who follow it are called Hinduism. For this reason, no one can understand the exact year or exact time of origin of this religion.