The Best Ways to Avoid Conflict of Interest With Divorce Lawyers

Conflict of interest can be an issue when researching divorce lawyers. While you might be looking to cut costs, there are some factors to take into consideration that could lead to a conflict of interests from the lawyer. Go through websites like to hire a divorce lawyer in Brampton. 

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A reliable divorce lawyer will spot these red flags and advise another lawyer to handle your case; however, if that isn't the case, you must be aware of certain situations that could constitute conflicts of interest. In these situations, you'll find another lawyer who can represent your case:

  1.  The lawyer who has been representing you as well as your soon-to-be ex-spouse at any time in your marriage.

  2. A lawyer can be a close friend of your spouse and/or you.

  3. The lawyer is a part of the family of the ex-spouse's ex.

  4. The lawyer represents the family of your spouse or is the representative of the employer of your spouse.

  5. The lawyer represents your spouse, either in the divorce process or in another aspect that may be connected to divorce.

One way for couples to save money by using a divorce lawyer is to utilize the same attorney. Even if the divorce was amicably negotiated and reached an agreement, however, the lawyer cannot legally represent both of you. Any competent divorce lawyer will be reluctant to represent you. 

It is also the case for any lawyer who has been a part of your legal team in any way throughout your marriage, excluding perhaps closing your house. Conflicts of interest are one of the most effective ways to reverse an order of the court.