The Best Dog Training Techniques

Dog training involves the process of teaching your dog skill and good behaviour. HILLSBOROUGH DOG TRAINING is important in ensuring a safe, stable and healthy relationship and companionship.


Types of dog training techniques can be classified under the following school of thoughts;

1. The traditional training methods school of thought – this school of thought encourages the infliction of physical pain and punishment in ensuring dog obedience and cooperation

2. The positive training school of thought – this school of thought is opposed to the ideologies of the traditional school of thought. It kicks against the use of physical punishment as a means of ensuring an obedient and dutiful dog. It advocates that the use of positive reinforcement should be used as motivator to elicit and maintain good dog behavior

3. The dominance trainers – this school of thought is based on the belief that every animal has an innate desire to dominate others. it seeks to kill of this innate desire by way of punishment in order to make a dog submissive and obedient.

The need for dog training usually arises for the following reasons –

• To raise a well respected canine citizen. I want happy, involved, outgoing dogs who are valued and trusted members of the community.

• Building of a strong owner-dog relationship based on trust, co-operation and understanding of clearly defined roles.

• To be in full control of a dog at any point in time and to be able to have utmost confidence in your dog when around people or other animals.

• To help a dog develop on their natural instincts for security, loyalty, protectiveness and alertness