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Tips For Maintaining Wooden Watch Boxes

If you’re like most watch collectors, you like to keep your prized timepieces in some kind of protective case. But what if your collection includes wooden watches?

 Not all cases are created equal when it comes to protecting wooden watches – and here are a few tips for making sure yours stay in peak condition.

First and foremost, make sure the case is made from hardwood that is resistant to water and humidity. Oak, maple, cherry, and other hardwoods are ideal candidates for watch box construction. You can find the best wooden watch box (In Norwegian Language “klokkeboks i tre”) online from many sites.

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If you live in a humid environment, keep the case closed when not in use to help prevent wood degradation.

Another key factor in protecting wooden watches is to store them in a dry place. The best way to achieve this is to place the watch box in a cool, dark location. If possible, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or moisture-laden air. 

And last but not least, always take care when handling your watch box. Don’t bang it around or drop it – those little accidents can easily damage your precious timepieces. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be keeping your wooden watches safe and sound for years to come!