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Gaining an Insight Into Different Hydraulic Cylinder Types

There are different types of hydraulic cylinders and each one comes with its own set of applications. In order to choose the right hydraulic cylinder, it is important to consider the application for which it has to be used. Here are different hydraulic cylinder types for applications.


Single-acting hydraulic cylinders makes use of hydraulic fluid to extend or retract a single side of a cylinder. Usually, gravity or external force returns the piston rod. Single-acting cylinders are used to lift devices and assembly tools. This category of cylinders includes a piston and ram-type single-acting cylinders.

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Double acting

Double-acting telescopic cylinders use pneumatic and hydraulic pressure during both rod extension and retraction operation. Dump trucks as well as trash collection trucks are pieces of equipment that use a double-acting cylinder. These cylinders are manufactured with a series of aluminum or steel tubes, known as stages, smaller in diameter as well as nested within each other. The flow of liquid at the time of rod extension and retraction is usually controlled by hydraulic seals made from reinforced nylon or iron rings.

Cylinder construction types

The difference between the design and manufacturing of single and double-acting hydraulics cylinders depends on how the end caps are attached to the cylinder barrel. The wall thickness of the end cap also depends on the materials used as well as the cylinder construction.