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Using Point Of Sale Displays In Your Shop

Point of sale displays can be a great way to push certain products, alert customers to sales and highlight new stock. It doesn't matter what type of shop you have, they work well. These are some ideas and tips for how to use this type of point of sale sign stand.

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Choose a product you wish to highlight or showcase. You can do this best with a flashy, new product such as a CD from a particular group, a brand-new toy, or the most recent novel by a well-known author.

Next, choose the type of display stand you will use to show your products. There are many types of stands that you can choose from. Some stand on counters while others are placed in aisles or at the check-out counter. Racks can be used for jewelry or shelves-like stands for books, CDs, and other items.

Finally, choose where you want your point-of-sale displays to be placed. You want to choose an area in your store that is highly interactive, even though it may not be the same place you would normally stock the product.

If you're trying to sell toys, you can place the display stands in grocery stores to reach mums. Or you could give them magazines and newspapers to attract grandparents or nannies to buy a birthday or Christmas gift. Strategic thinking is key.

You can also highlight products by using colorful displays, large letters, signs that hang from the ceiling, or footprint-type signs on the floor.