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The Benefits of Bento Boxes

Bento boxes take the concept of bagged lunches to a whole new level. These multi-compartmental lunch containers are traditionally used as portioned take-out meal boxes for the cuisines. In recent years, however, bento boxes have gained huge popularity in the market mainly for their convenience in portioning, storing and transporting a variety of foods in a way that is compact, efficient, and portable.

For example, a typical Bento Box may have 2-4 individually portioned compartments to fill with a variety of food such as sandwiches, fruit, snacks, vegetables, etc. The portion of each compartment is also enough so that you do not get too much of one type of food. As a result, you can get a complete balanced meal in one compact Bento Box.

Children also love them because they look and feel like a small gift box full of treats. My children are always the centre of attention in school because of various kinds of food they get in their lunch. For example, I will include a portion of goldfish crackers, a portion of cut strawberries, a small sandwich, and some baby carrots.

They are happy to be able to open their lunch box to find a variety of different foods every day. Bento boxes come in a variety of styles, colours and themes for all age groups. Panda Bears, to Flowers, to Stainless Steel version, the selection is endless.

These multi-compartment containers are the best way to organize and carry your lunch without having to use separate food containers or plastic bags. Therefore, Bento Boxes are not only the perfect lunch solution for take-out lunches, but they also help the environment with less waste, they're space-efficient, and they help promote healthy eating with the benefits of food variety and portion control.