Show Your Good Side With A Custom Vinyl Banner

You've seen a similar vinyl banner before and can probably imagine it hanging in front of a building or over a door on a string. Vinyl banners are inexpensive, weather-resistant, and can create any image you want. So it's no wonder they are becoming a popular way to promote your business or event.

But don't fall for the idea that hanging a standard size custom banner over your business is the only way to use this fun and practical type of custom sign. Custom Vinyl banners in Australia can be customized to any size or specification and can be hung in a variety of creative and attractive ways to maximize visibility and appeal.

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Custom banners come in a variety of sizes that will cause Goldilocks heads to spin, there are several ways to attach the hanging string and control the banner. Custom vinyl banners are often used both indoors and outdoors. Whether the banner is exposed to the wind or not also determines the type of support the banner needs.

If you are going to place your custom banner indoors, for example, next to a wall, you may only need a standard size banner with sockets placed in the corners. Sockets are simply grommets covered with hardware that protects the holes from tearing. The number of sockets in any custom vinyl banner depends on the size of the banner and a signage expert like one from our shop can help you make that decision.

Other types of vinyl banners include straps that are already sewn to the ends and therefore do not require padding. The inner strap allows the wind to spread along with the banner, protecting it from transmission and possible damage.