Scotch Whiskey Broker Guide

For those who are just starting out in the trading scotch whiskey business, you should know that there are several types of scotch whiskey brokers that you can hire depending on your needs.

Here we discuss different types of scotch whiskey brokers :

Easy to Follow Scotch Whiskey Broker Guide

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Full-service scotch whisky broker 

A full-service scotch whisky broker offers buying and selling services, as well as comprehensive advice on all matters related to the whiskey trading business. This is one of the best advantages of having a full-service scotch whisky brokerage, especially for beginners, as whiskey trading requires a lot of research and information to make the smartest decisions.

Discount scotch whisky broker

A discount brokerage is recommended for professional traders as this type of scotch whisky broker only places buy and sell orders. In contrast to full-service whisky brokers, discount brokers do not offer advice. 

Online scotch whisky brokerage

Whiskey traders only need to deal with an online broker over the internet or over the phone. The trading platform is shared online by brokers and investors. Buy and sell orders can be passed on to the broker for a moment.

Futures scotch whisky broker

A futures scotch whisky broker helps speculate on the future price. Therefore, when choosing a futures scotch whisky broker, one must be confident in the research skills of the broker.