Refrigerator Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Refrigerator Properly

To ensure that your refrigerator has a long life and uses as little energy as possible, it must be properly maintained. Clean the capacitor coils twice a year. The condenser coil is what removes heat from the refrigerator and freezer. They are located on the bottom or back of the device and look like large radiator coils. 

If they are dusty or dirty, they will have a hard time dissipating heat properly. If you don't clean it, the device not only loses energy, it can also cause problems that involve expensive repairs.

Keep the seal around the door clean and tight. You can also get door gasket replacement service from professionals. The seal is a rubber seal around the door, which is very important for the tightness of the device and the escape of warm air. You should clean it regularly with an all-purpose cleaner.

The Ultimate Refrigerator Repair Guide

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It's also important to have regular checks to make sure the seals are working. Seals wear out over time and must be replaced. It is common to switch every two to three years. If the seal is not working properly, warm air can enter the refrigerator or freezer and the device must work harder to keep it cool.

Unfreeze your device. If you have your own defrosting device, there's nothing to do. The refrigerator can defrost itself. You may need to clean the drip tray under the device regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria or unsightly odors. If this is not a self defrosting model, you will have to defrost it manually. 

When half an inch of ice has accumulated on the inner walls, remove any food, turn off the thermostat, or turn off the refrigerator. Let all the ice melt then turn it back on. As soon as the temperature drops, put the product in the refrigerator.