Protecting Yourself From Swine Flu

Did you get chills reading the headline from USA Today on August 25, 2009: "Flu could Infect Half of America"? According to the article, 90,000.0 deaths and 2,000,000 patients could be a possibility in the U.S. These are alarming statistics.

This year's pandemic of global flu, H1N1, or Swine Flu, will be back with renewed vigor. The spread of the disease is likely to increase as school is resumed and people spend more time indoors due to the colder weather. In this pandemic situation, it is important to wear a transparent face sheet   and protect yourself from flu and other diseases.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control is prepared for this. The government is urging vaccine manufacturers to accelerate production before it is too late. It is also trying to educate the public on ways to reduce the chance of getting infected.

There are common-sense ways to avoid getting the virus. The first is to wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizers before touching or eating. Another common tip is to avoid crowds. Wouldn't it be great to avoid a crowded elevator or subway car?

People who fall ill should stay at home to prevent spreading the disease to others. Unfortunately, some people are not able to work or take care of their children. The ill and the newly infected are likely to be around us.