Planning a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party?

Are you planning a Mickey Mouse birthday party? For this, you need matching Mickey Mouse food and cutlery too.

Theme related cakes are quite simple to create and you'll be able to find plenty of resources online. Or you may purchase one from the closest bakery – they're so popular that lots of bakeries are used to creating them.

Additionally for your birthday cake do not forget the candles. It is possible to locate theme-related candles to your Mickey Mouse celebration by purchasing them online. Some possess the mouse painted others are shaped just like him.

You can also match your cutlery with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. You can purchase mickey mouse cutlery by browsing various online sources.

mickey mouse plates

For topping different cakes and a few desserts you may also use mini Disney characters. You will see them in the closest Disney shop, and even in toy shops. You can also buy them online. Your child will also love that following the celebration he will have some additional toys to play!

If you're thinking about having cupcakes there would be the most adorable toppings available – small Mickey and Minnie Mouse toppings which look cute on little individual cakes.

In terms of the colors to use on your meals, invest in red, black, and white. You can order your cake in these colors. These are the colors Mickey Mouse is generally composed of plus they will match your theme.