Learn More About English Schools

Schools are places of learning. Information is imparted to little children in a formal manner. In .many schools, the medium of teaching is in the English language. You can choose the best primary school in Amsterdam for your kids.

In some schools, the medium of education is in the regional language or mother tongue with English as one of the subjects. In India, many of these schools have a reputation for being elite.

Getting admission for a child into a reasonably good English school can be a nightmare. It can also be luxurious, both to get the child admitted as well as the subsequent annual fees.

In the decade gone by, the number of children studying in English schools in India has increased to a staggering number.

During the year 2010 – 11, the number of such children increased to more than two cores. This number is taking into account only children studying in classes I – VIII.

For many years in a row, English now leads the medium of instruction in India. Regional language enrolment has also seen an increase, but the increase is highest for English.

The move towards English medium schools is mainly on account of a desire to be able to communicate freely in a world where English is the dominant international language.

Being equipped with good English gives the children an edge in the competitive world. But many argue that there is no need to study in English for this purpose.

At an age when conceptual education takes place, the medium of education should preferably be the child's mother tongue. English can be an add on as one of the subjects at school. This is the practice followed in many Asian countries like Japan.