Know More About Contact Reflex Analysis

Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) is a technique used for analyzing what’s going on inside your body. CRA technique provides 90% correct results. This technique is performed by checking the body’s reflex points.

CRA is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body's structural, physical, and nutritional needs. It is not a method of diagnosis or treatment; rather it is a method of analyzing a specific function, organ, or tissue through testing the body's reflex points or acupuncture points.

 It uses the body's reflexes to help determine the root cause of a health problem. CRA is a prevention technique used to help find a problem before it becomes a full-blown health issue.  To properly understand and appreciate this approach it is necessary to understand how the body and energy are interconnected.

There are many benets to pairing CRA with traditional chiropractic medicine. Some research suggests that adding CRA in conjunction with chiropractic treatment leads to better outcomes than seeking chiropractic treatment alone.

This method of treatment is a great alternative for those who are tired of treating the symptoms of their ailments only to have them return. CRA allows the practitioner to uncover the root cause and provide a treatment based natural methods.