Invisalign Dentist Services in Salt Lake City

While the primary reason for having orthodontic treatment might be cosmetic, be aware that a skilled experienced, and skilled Invisalign dentist is focused on more than just your smile's appearance. 

He is concerned about the overall health of your body – and malocclusions, or an unbalanced bite caused by unaligned teeth, can trigger lots of discomfort in ways you wouldn't expect.

Invisalign is a great orthodontic treatment option for people suffering from mild to moderate malocclusions of varying severity. You can also find the top invisalign prosthodontist in Salt Lake City via the web. 

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It is much simpler to wear and is more comfortable than standard braces made of metal, which have been largely obsolete over the past decade or so since Invisalign was made being offered as alternative treatment options.

How Does Invisalign Work?

After the initial appointment, a dental technician will make impressions of the teeth you have. The impression is used to create the first custom-designed Invisalign retainer, also known as a "tray." As your teeth move towards their ideal places, you'll have to visit your dentist once every 2 weeks, or more to get new trays created.

It is equally important to wear the trays at all times of the time, only taking them off to eat and clean your teeth. People who say that Invisalign treatments provided little assistance were those who did not adhere to the instructions of their dentist and didn't wear the trays for as long as was necessary.