Information About Mesotherapy Treatment in Ireland

Mesotherapy is used to treat several conditions, including cellulite, local fat deposits, facial wrinkles and neck, acne, hair loss, and stretch marks. Injections of a variety of natural or synthetic compounds are introduced with small needles to the mesoderm machine, or layers of fat tissue and connecting immediately under the skin.

Mesotherapy is considered to improve cellulite appearance, or a shallow fat deposit, through several complementary mechanisms. Fat cells are broken down, new fats are prevented from formation, damaged connective tissue that creates damaged sluggish effects, and blood circulation is increased. The end result is the destruction of the skin. You can buy the best products of mesotherapy treatment at

To treat more local fat deposits, such as love handles, compounds called phosphatidylcholine are usually injected. This compound is ‘good’ fat produced naturally by the body. When injected into an area with excess fat, it acts by stimulating the removal of fat stored and blocking newly formed fat deposition.

Mesholifts, or facelift using mesotherapy, involves the injection of vitamins under face and neck skin. These vitamins are considered to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, two proteins that make elastic and firm skin and also improve skin circulation. Similar treatments can be used for other body parts where the skin can develop wrinkles or can sag, such as neck and hand.

The benefits of mesotherapy include minimal invasion and no recovery time. Because a small number of drugs or other substances are injected, the potential side effects may decrease substantially. However, like other treatments, mesotherapy can have side effects. Bruising, allergies, and infections are some possible side effects.