Important Features Of LED Light Bars

When purchasing your LED light bar, whether for decorative lighting or for emergency vehicle lighting, it is a good idea to examine various parameters to find out what you can expect from your light bar. For example, the fact that light bars use light-emitting diodes means that you can get greater cost-effectiveness and value for money.

This is because LEDs typically consume less energy for the same output compared to halogen or xenon lights. LED lights are inexpensive and they also provide you with about 50,000 hours of lighting activity, which are rarely seen in other light sources. For more information about LED light bars, you can visit

LED Light Bars

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The number of flash patterns may exceed half a dozen to more than a couple of dozen. This is because at the time of emergency you need to be able to change the number of flash per minute or use a special sequence to send a careful message to other vehicles.

Housing is another important feature. High-quality light bars typically have an aluminum casing for better heat dissipation. High-quality lenses are usually made of polycarbonate and are long-lasting. Mount type is another feature that you should check in the LED light bar. 

Mounting can be permanent or temporary. You will come across various mounting mechanisms including magnetic mounting, bolt fixing, and swivel bracket mounting. Some light straps have special mounting hardware to install lights on the front, side, or rear portion of the vehicles.