Importance of Electronic Machines

Cable crimping machine, blow moulding head, pipe swaging machine etc are some of the well-known products which are manufactured by various engineering firms and are of great importance in the market.

One among this is blow molding heads. Blow moulding heads are continuous type machines with hydraulic clamping and shooting units. It is a unique machine whose output is controlled by ac variable speed drives. You can also buy composite press via

It is a compact size machine and is very advantageous for small units. This machine is best suited for the production of pharmaceutical & cosmetic bottles and containers for paint, milk, gum, ink, motor/engine oil etc. It is available in both single and double station configurations with single and multiple heads for optimum production of wide range of containers.

Blow moulding heads are suitable for mass production and are available at lower operational costs. It has very high capabilities with complete PLC control programs.

Actually blow moulding is a manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed. It is a process used to produce hollow objects from thermoplastics.

Cable crimping machine enjoy broader importance in the field of manufacture. This is a compact hydraulic operated crimping press which is used to join steel rope with end lugs. It is available for both motorized and hand-operated options.

It is very easy to operate and very handy to take it to site. An automated crimping machine is used for crimping a fitting or end connector onto an end of a cable which is made up of segmental die portions.

The segmental die portions together form a die surface in the desired configuration. Cable crimping machines also have a plunger assembly axially spaced from the die portions to support the fitting in loosely assembled relation on the cable.

The segmental die portions are expanded away from the fitting and the crimped fitting removed to permit insertion of the next fitting and cable which is advanced through a guide block into properly aligned relation with the plunger.