How to Repair a Broken Clothesline?

A clothesline is a traditional apparatus for drying clothes and other laundry. Commonly installed outdoors, clotheslines are used in various configurations ranging from a single line between two poles to more elaborate rotating models. You can check this link to know more about clothline repair.

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A small diameter rope or cord on which damp clothes are hung to dry is typically used . A break in a rope or cord can occur but can be quickly repaired in a few steps.

Trim the broken ends of the cord or rope with a pair of scissors. Remove only a small amount of material from the rope or cord with the scissors.

Melt the trimmed ends of nylon rope with a lighter or match. Hold a flame two to three inches away from the end of the nylon cord or rope so the fibers will melt together, making the rope or cord easier to tie.

Hold one length of the broken line in the left hand and the other broken length in the right hand.