How To Manage Staff Holidays During Peak Periods

Anyone who manages workforce scheduling will know that it can be difficult to ensure adequate staff coverage during summer and on holidays. 

Due to the fact that most of their customers go on vacation, many businesses see a decline in turnover. It will be easier to manage holiday coverage by using a staff holiday tracker. You can also use the staff holiday tracker by browsing this site.

Factors to Consider

There are many things you should keep in mind when preparing your holiday coverage plan.

Calculate staffing needs – Use Employee Scheduling Software to analyze past records to determine how many staff you will need during peak holiday periods. Many industries are slow during the summer months and Christmas, so you might need fewer workers or work for shorter hours.

Communicate clearly with staff – Make sure they know what the company's holiday policy is. Make sure they know the company's holiday policy and the days that the business will close for holidays.

Flexibility – Do all employees need to be present at the office? Some employees might be able to spend more time with their families while still working remotely.

Fairness is important – While most employees want the same days off you need to be mindful that some employees may require more time off due to the fact they travel long distances to spend the holidays with their families. Managers will be able to keep track of special requests by using a software program that combines employee records and employee scheduling.