How To Get More Traffic To A Shopify Store

Having operated a number of web stores over the past 10+ years, the one defining characteristic of each has been the source of "traffic" they received.

"Traffic" is the number of views/hits that an Internet site receives.

Everyone knows about the impact that having a "#1 spot in Google" can bring – it does so because of the traffic it brings to the business.

Thus, when you're looking at Shopify stores the primary concern – beyond having a quality store, products and experience – is how you're actually going to get people to look at it.

This tutorial looks to discuss the overall process of cultivating an audience who loves what you're doing…

Not All Traffic Was Created Equally

The key point with this is that "traffic" is not the only metric that matters in online business.

Whilst it's important, it's really just an indicator as to what's going on with your store.

For example, people who have bought before, and are looking to make a repurchase, are going to be far more valuable (to the business) than "window shoppers" with little-to-no prior experience with the business.

Thus, when considering what I'm about to write, you have to appreciate the quality of people looking at your stuff.

Getting big numbers is nice, but if it doesn't convert into actual business growth, you're not really making progress.