How To Get A Food Safety Certification

If you work in the hospitality business or food service and preparation, you may need a food safety certificate. Food safety certification obtained through formal training will provide you with valuable information about food safety and temperature measures, and how you can reduce the risk of food contamination.

This specialist training, which can be renewed annually, usually takes place throughout the day. In general, if you want to get a certificate, there are two categories of courses – refresher training and basic training. To get more details about food safety certification, you may visit

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The basic certification course is mandatory for the first 7-10 days after recruitment. You will then be expected to attend a refresher course annually as required by public health and safety rules and regulations. In general, the main objective of a food safety certification course is to improve food safety practices and minimize the likelihood of illness and death.

One sure way to get certified is to prepare for formal classroom training. The courses are offered regularly by employers dealing with food as this is required by law.

If the planned class doesn't suit you, for example, due to a tight schedule and other family responsibilities, you can take a course at a community center. If you cannot find a food safety certification course, please contact your local food safety office.