How To Choose Truck Rental Services In Frankston?

Although we all enjoy the excitement of moving to a new location or beginning a new chapter in our lives, nobody loves moving 4 boxes of glasses wrapped in paper or soft-packing material. 

It is an easy task to find the best truck rental in Frankston. Ask yourself these questions before you jump into any type of rental agreement.

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How to Choose the Right Agency

  • Call at least five companies to research and contact them

  • Ask about the duration of your rental (exact pickup and drop off times).

  • Ask about hidden costs

  • Ask about extra accessories

After you have made your decision, you should be aware of a few points when you pick up or drop off your truck at the rental agency.

  • To confirm the pick-up location, call the agency at least one day in advance

  • Confirm that the vehicle is available.

  • Before you leave the rental lot, review the contract and the vehicle with the attendant.

You can also ask for a packaging/unpackaging plan if you are facing difficulty in doing it on your own. Note the mileage and the fuel level before you return the truck to the rental agency. Knowing how to calculate mpg will allow you to estimate the fuel cost or fill up the vehicle at the time of return.

You should also read the contract carefully before you leave the rental lot. Check the drop-off locations and pick up times.