How To Choose the Right Crane For Your Project

Practically every construction project requires the lifting, hauling, or transport of heavy materials. This is why cranes are so important in the development and execution of your project.

It can be difficult to choose the right crane for your needs. There are so many options! Lifting and rigging service provider provides skilled personnel to accomplish crane rigging, disassembling or installing new components, removal of decommissioned machinery, plant reorganization, plant relocation, machinery upgrades, and a wide variety of other tasks which can be both delicate and extremely difficult.

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Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a crane:

1. The duration of the job and the size & weight of the material you will be lifting

Cranes have different specifications, capacities, and functionalities. Understanding what your project requires from a crane will help you select equipment that can best meet your project's demands and will quickly narrow down your options. 

2. How will the equipment be transported

The question of how the equipment will be transported could be initially overlooked, however, it is a critical consideration.

Broadly speaking, cranes can be classified as either mobile, rough terrain/crawler or tower ‘ all with different transportation methods. Permitting for city and state laws are all factors in the transportation of cranes and heavy equipment.