How Is the Gerson Therapy Useful in Treating Cancer?

Gerson therapy is based on the idea that cancer develops when there is a change in cell metabolism because of the buildup of toxic substances in the body. Gerson said the process of this disease made more poisons and liver work too much. 

Dr. Gerson, people with cancer also have too much sodium and potassium in their bodies, which causes tissue damage and weak organs. You can get recepies of organic gerson diet for cancer through

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The purpose of Gerson therapy is to restore the body to health by repairing the liver and returning metabolism to normal circumstances. Dr. Gerson, this can be done by removing poisons from the body and building immune systems with diets and supplements. Enema is said to expand the gallway liver so that poisons can be released. 

Dr. Gerson, the heart is increasingly excessive because the treatment regimen breaks the cancer cells and cleanses the poison body. The enzyme pancreas is given to reduce the demands on the liver and pancreas which weaken to make enzymes for digestion. 

Organic diets and nutritional supplements are used to improve the immune system and support the body as a regimen to cleanse the poison body. Low sodium and high potassium foods are said to help repair network damage caused by too much sodium in cells.

How is Gerson's therapy work?

Gerson therapy requires that many details of the care plan are followed properly. Some of the key parts of the regimen include:

  • Drink 13 glasses of juice a day. Juice must be made from organic fruits and vegetables and drink once every hour.
  • Eat vegetarian food from fruits, vegetables and grains that grow organically.
  • Take a number of supplements, including:
  • Potassium.
  • Lugol solution (potassium iodide, iodine, and water).
  • Coenzyme Q10 is injected with vitamin B12. (The original regimen uses raw liver extract instead of coenzyme Q10.)