How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Car’s Exhaust And Muffler System?

Auto owners don’t give much thought to the exhaust system in their vehicles. Then, they start to hear loud noises like exhaust hissing, rattling, or boom coming from their truck or car’s rear. Exhaust gases pose safety and health concerns. 

It is almost certain that by that time, they will be paying a substantial muffler and exhaust system repair bill. Are there any ways motorists can prolong the life of their exhaust or muffler systems?

Your car’s exhaust system is basically the manifold, muffler, and connecting pipes. In some cases, there may be a resonator. You can bet that any automobile manufactured in the past 30 years has a catalytic convertor. You can even buy the best exhaust systems for your vehicle from

A single exhaust setup uses an exhaust manifold that consists of one exhaust pipe, muffler, and tailpipe. On a dual exhaust system arrangement, two exhaust pipes and a tailpipe are combined with two resonators and two tailpipes. 

Each assembly is connected with its own exhaust manifold, which carries the exhaust gases to the rear.

The type of vehicle you use will determine the life expectancy of your pipes and mufflers. The type of service the vehicle is used will determine how long it lasts. Many garages, as well as auto owners, have the job done by specialists in exhaust system repair and replacement.

This is because the mufflers’ life spans are so short that they don’t get hot enough, let alone warm enough, to evaporate any moisture. The result is that the exhaust system and mufflers eventually rust. 

The moisture builds up on the metal components, causing rust. It also mixes with exhaust gas remnants and other residuals from internal combustion engines’ combustion process. The pipes and mufflers become quickly corroded and must be replaced.