How Beneficial Is It To Choose An Email Hosting Provider For Your Company?

Since email is still considered the most reliable means of communication between companies and customers, it makes sense to sign up with a professional email hosting service provider. Handling a large number of incoming and outgoing e-mails from company servers on a daily basis is no easy task. Better to leave it to an expert who has experience in corporate email hosting.

Reasons to Sign Up with an Email Hosting Provider:

When you send an email from a free hosting account available on Yahoo or Gmail, the email address does not have your brand name or company name. So, the communication doesn't seem very credible or professional. However, when you sign up for a professional email hosting service via MailSafi, you will be provided with an email address with your name next to the company name. It can change the world in your business communications. 

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Sending emails through an email hosting service provider increases email credibility and helps promote your company's brand image. Customers who wish to learn more about your product can now browse your website for the company name under your address.

Professional email hosting services always ensure that your data is fully protected by implementing a proper and effective data encryption solution. Therefore, all data sent to and from the email server is encrypted during transmission and even during breaks. 

This ensures that no attempts are made to hack the message. Additionally, this professional reliable & secure email hosting service installs anti-virus scanners and anti-virus filters to detect viruses. They contain conditions that prevent malicious e-mail from reaching your inbox.

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Email is not only encrypted in transit using standard 128-bit encryption techniques. You have the proper user name and password specifications in place to ensure that the server only accepts email from the right people and never from bots.

You can also get enough storage space for your emails with a professional email hosting service provider. Most providers also allow you to increase and decrease storage space as needed. Apart from that, you can take advantage of special features such as email monitoring, email forwarding, email archiving, email grouping, and much more.