Holiday Accommodation in Norfolk Holiday Apartments

Official recognition of the stunning scenery of the area is in the form of the designation of the Norfolk of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

This area is known for its many charming villages and small towns. Many of these have several buildings made from local 'Stone’, a yellow limestone rich in fossils (especially sea urchins fossilized). This stone was used frequently in the construction of many large "Wool Churches" that are found in the region. The Norfolk Island Holidays, Accommodation and Apartments are located primarily within the spectacular views of Phillip Island.

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This title was given to these churches because they were primarily funded by the wool trade, which made the area extremely prosperous in the middle ages. The area is still a place of great wealth and many people choose to retire there or to buy second homes. This designation was given due to the unique limestone grassland habitats, as well as the presence of old growth beech forests that are common in the area.

These natural habitats are home to many species of fauna and flora, many of which are endangered and are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1982. One example is the rare Duke-of-Burgundy butterfly, which can be seen in abundance on Cleeve Hill with its associated commons

It is not surprising that so many people want to vacation in this area. Many travel companies in Australia offer Holiday Accommodation in Norfolk to allow people to enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as the many attractions in  the area.