Go For French Cuffs Collar Shirts Online

You have your suit, the tie that your lady gifted and hand-made leather shoes. So what is missing to get that perfect look? The answer is a stylish black french cuff shirt and cufflinks. A french cuffed shirt with elegant links can turn heads in admiration. The only opportunity for men to add spark to their attire is by indulging in cufflinks.

There is a misconception that cufflinks are for men of powerful positions like CEOs and VPs. Cuffs and cufflinks are a fashion statement, revisited from the past and evolved today as a high street style.

french cut shirt sleeve

Owning a French cuff shirt and wearing it are two different things. Most men do not know how to wear a French cuff shirt correctly. They think that it is too long; the fact is that French cuffs are meant to be long. 

Folding the sleeve neatly so that it sits just right around your wrist is the trick to wear them. And ideally, cuffs should be just half inch out from the sleeve of your suit or jacket.

Now coming to cufflinks, choose wisely. Cufflinks should be understated and subtle, yet scream style and sophistication. 

Today there are lots of designs that can define your look. But if you overdo it, your entire look can be compromised. While wearing a tuxedo or suit with a uniform color like black, grey or navy blue, cufflinks can be used to add a hint of color. 

On the other hand if your formal wear has bright colors, neutral colored cufflinks like black, white or silver will balance the look. Silk knots cufflinks are ideal for frequent wear. So don’t waste any more time and french up your wardrobe.