Fear Of Flying And How To Deal With It

While air travel is becoming more popular, more people feel stressed about flying. Stresses can trigger an atmosphere of anxiety in the event that they are not able to be managed effectively which can lead to a fear of flying. 

The fear of flying may be described as aviophobia or even aerophobia. The fear typically occurs when a person is in an aircraft or helicopter, or another flying vehicle prior to or during the time that flying occurs. It is typical to be able to feel the dread of flying without even being in a specific flying vehicle.

There are many fears and phobias that could be the cause of a fear of flying. This could include anxiety about having anxiety attacks that cause embarrassment or social phobia; fear of enclosed spaces or the fear of claustrophobia, anxiety about heights also known as acrophobia. 

In addition to the numerous fears and phobias that can be the cause of flight phobia, there are many external factors that may cause a fear of flying. Media has a huge influence on the attitudes toward flying by being selective with the information they report and focusing on events that are the most interesting. 

Whatever the reason, the anxiety about flying is a major issue that hinders numerous people with regard to their personal, social, and work life. Families must plan their holidays to accommodate the person suffering. 

Employment options are extremely limited if a person is forced to turn down possibilities due to restrictions on long-distance travel. Alternatives to travel by air could be expensive or require a long time.