Facts About Teeth Whitening at Home

We've all seen ads in magazines and on TV that show beautiful people with brilliant white teeth. Most people believe it is impossible to get that level of brightness without spending a lot of money at the dentist's office. However, even though there are dozens of over-the-counter whitening products available at your local drugstore or grocery store, 85 percent have never tried them.

They don't believe that they work. Perhaps they believe their teeth are too stained to afford the treatment they want. You should reconsider! You can now whiten your teeth at home in your privacy and comfort, without spending a fortune.

Facts and fiction about “tooth bleach at home” (also known as hambavalgendaja kodus in the Estonian Language).

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First, whitening toothpaste can clean surface stains as well as light yellowing and gray. Before you apply whitening toothpaste, it is better to brush your teeth with a mixture made of baking soda, lemon juice, and salt. Although you could still use the baking soda mixture after brushing, the toothpaste will leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

Some people will use the excuse that they can't afford to use whitening products. While that is an issue of personal finances, you might want to consider what it will cost you to not whiten your teeth. If you have a tight budget, home whitening is the best option. If whitening your teeth at home is not costing you confidence and self-esteem, then it may be cheaper to buy a kit and whiten your discolored teeth.