Complications Due to Flu and Cold

Flu and Cold are the most common diseases. Each and every person has once suffered from cold and flu. It might not be wrong to say that once in every year every individual gets infected with cold and flu. Though cold and flu are considered to be acute diseases but these can also get complicated if not treated in time. No matter if you have just caught the flu or it's been quiet days while suffering for it, consulting a doctor must be your quick response. For your reference you can visit a flu specialist at Coastal Family Medicine

There are various complications related to flu that you might not even be aware of. Below are some of them mentioned to help you understand the seriousness of these diseases.

Complications due to Flu and Cold:

– Flu & cold can be responsible for various heart issues. People above the age of 65 and people who have issues like asthma they might face long-term congestive heart failure. That is the reason why flu must be treated early if it is long term.

– Flu & cold can also cause pneumonia. It happens when you have the flu and any bacterial infection enters your body. It causes bacterial pneumonia and you can get very ill. 

– Flu and cold can cause sinus infection as well. When you have a cough and cold it might get jammed in your nasal passage and chest. This staying for long might cause you a sinus infection as well.