Common Errors in Notarization

A few minor mistakes when notarizing documents might seem minor. What appears to be simple can cause major issues. Even small mistakes on notarized documents can result in the denial of documents by the person who received them or by an authority. 

Plus, the charges and penalties imposed upon the client. If your client has a history of litigation this could lead to severe legal action. You can now look for the most reliable notary agents online via

Notarization Definition

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Here are the most frequent mistakes that result in the rejection of notarized documents:-

One of the most common mistakes that is made by notaries is to sign in a hurry and not pay attention to instructions in the notary certificate. The most frequent error that is committed by notary publics is to sign in the signature checkbox.

Date of Notarization holds significant value. A document with a post-dated date or an incorrect date could cause several problems. The law requires that the notary public mention the date that the notarization was actually performed.

A lot of notaries sign on the date or name which makes the documents inaccessible. This could lead to rejection from the paper. Therefore, signatures should be taken in an area that is clearly evident.

The document has to be stamped correctly. A blurred or upside-down stamp cannot be acceptable. Furthermore, the stamp must not be hidden with a signature or any other.

Notaries are issued a stamp that has their expiration dates. Some notaries do not pay attention to their expiration dates and use the same stamp expiry. This can cause rejection. Notaries need to ensure they get an updated stamp with a renewed expiry date.