Choose Good Commercial Paper Recycling

Paper recycling refers to the technique of recycling used paper and turning it into a new product. There are two types of paper that can be used as raw materials for making recycled paper –

Pre-consumption Waste: This refers to materials that have been disposed of before they can be used by consumers.

Post-consumption waste: This is a material that is discarded after use, such as used magazines, household waste, etc.

Paper recycling is the process of converting waste or used paper, such as used A4 cards or old newspapers, into new paper products. The process includes degreasing waste paper. This removes printing ink from the paper fibers before recycled pulp, such as raw pulp, is processed into new paper. You can also avail the benefits of the best commercial composting via

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Another benefit of paper recycling is that it reduces solid waste. If not recycled, the used paper that goes to the landfill will take up space. They take time to decompose and release a harmful greenhouse gas called methane. Recycling 1 tonne of old newspapers saves 3 cubic meters of landfill.

Benefits of recycling

  • Newspaper recycling saves about 14% of the land
  • One ton of recycled paper can save about 17 trees.
  • Reducing sulphur dioxide emissions.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Paper recycling can be done up to 8 times to create new products