Character Traits And Values Of God Exemplified By Jesus

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is being sure of what we hope for and sure of what we don't see. Jesus certainly believed in who he was and what God had sent him. He told his disciples about his death and resurrection.

He knew that many would not accept him, but he would be glorified at the right hand of God. His faith had carried him through unimaginable trials. Not only that, his whole life was a path of faith. You can find more about Jesus through the bible ancestry timeline

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He taught that it only took as much faith as a mustard seed to see miraculous things happen – and he lived by that faith, casting out demons, healing the sick, and bringing physical healing to the disabled. 

Jesus was tired after hours of teaching and healing and trying to return to a quiet place alone. Instead, he was persecuted and pitied by the masses to meet their needs. He always wanted his life to follow the will of the Father – until his death on the cross.

Love is evident in the life of Jesus in his constant guidance. And of course, he himself said: "There is no greater love than a man who lays down his life for his friends." And of course, he called his followers – and us – his friends and made the ultimate sacrifice of love for all of us. Loyalty is the basis of obedience – doing what pleases and glorifies God, not out of obligation but out of desire.