Can I Afford Home Solar Power?

Nowadays the government has made the rebates and incentives through power purchase agreements to set up the solar panels at home at affordable prices. The initial cost of the device can be $ 25,000, depending on the size of the system being installed. 

You can choose ppa Australia at for financial incentives will significantly reduce this amount by up to 66%. The good thing is, if you consider the solar system as a long-term investment, you can get a return of 15% or more per year in energy cost savings. 

Research also shows that homes with solar panel systems sell twice as fast. Another financial benefit is that you solve a stable scenario of electricity costs compared to your electricity grid connection, where prices can go up or down if the hat falls.

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System guarantees often vary for 22 years, so there is enough time to return your investment. The solar system return period, i.e. The time needed to pay the initial cost of your solar panel equipment is around 10 to 15 years, depending on the size and quality of your system.

Another good news is that the solar PV system needs a little maintenance. After installing the PV system, you can expect to inspect the system once a quarter without having to call a contractor to conduct a review. 

Solar energy is no longer the domain of the rich. After the government suppressed the action, there were many financial incentives for anyone who wanted to switch to solar energy. 

There are many friendly financing options as well as programs such as energy purchase contracts that further reduce the financial burden. Investment in solar energy is an investment in our country's energy future.