All the Steps you Should Follow to Plant a Tree

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Ever wondered how those large trees in huge forests started growing? Well! That could have happened naturally but you can use a stepwise guide to plant trees in your backyard or another preferred location. But it isn’t as easy as it looks. Planting a tree requires you to be patient and understand what your green friend needs to grow healthy. So, here’s where you should start.

  • You need seeds to start that you can get from a shop or from a mature tree you are willing to plant on your site.
  • Take a healthy soil patch, loosen it with your hands, and sprinkle some seeds in one line.
  • You need to keep the seeds safe, for which you can use straws or dried leaves. Start watering and wait for them to sprout.
  • After sprouting, pluck them out and place them in clean water.
  • Next, create a base for your baby tree to stay and grow. Take a tube, fill it with fertile soil, and place the sapling by poking a hole. Take the soil from the area you plan to install the tree so that the baby tree gets used to the bacteria.
  • After around 6 months, when the sapling grows bigger, transplant it into the final location. But before moving, place it in direct sunlight without water to make it familiar with the upcoming natural situation.
  • Dig a hole in the ground, carefully place the baby tree inside, and refill the hole while covering the soil and top with litter and leaves.

This way, you can create a forest by planting trees one by one. However, getting private native forest plans helps you stay compliant and get the most of your forest, always.